English yellow lab rescue


Search Tips. Labs4rescue, Inc. BoxKillingworth, CT, Tweets by Labs4rescue. Labs4rescue is a volunteer, c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing a new life for rescued or displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes.

All Labs4rescue dogs undergo an initial veterinary screening, treatment as required and then they are placed in loving foster homes when available for nurturing and further evaluation.

Only Labs with socially acceptable behaviors, which can be responsibly placed, will be offered for adoption. Labs4rescue also offers additional educational materials via brochure, educational events and articles within this web site. Our goal is to promote and advance responsible pet ownership. Labs4rescue is completely staffed by volunteers who have other jobs and families. Please be patient in waiting for a response.

However, should your request go unanswered for three days, please resubmit. Learn more about this seal. We have a foster program that makes it very easy for you to help us save more labs.

Because our labs in the South have only days to get adopted, we must pull them from the shelters quickly. Crates and vet expenses are covered by our group. You get to choose the lab you would like to foster and you have first choice in adopting him or her if you just can't bear to see them go! Many fosters though remain fosters because there is a real joy in knowing that you are actively saving lives. Most of our fosters say its a wonderful way to involve the whole family in a worthwhile service project.

Please visit our Foster Page for more information. Select Adoption Fee.Rehoming Labs with Good People. Our Rescued Labs are Looking for You. All Labs Deserve a Happy Home. Check out our "New Beginnings" stories! Be a Rescued Lab's Safe Harbor. Join our Foster Team Today. Caring for Labs a Year. Vet Care is our Greatest Annual Expense.

The Rescued Labs need your Help. Our Registration Number is Is a Lab right for you? Why adopt? Looking for the latest Lab Gab? Training tips? Make sure to visit our Resources Section!

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue organization located in Golden, Colorado, has rescued, fostered and adopted Labrador Retrievers to loving homes since Our rescued Labrador Retrievers come to us from Colorado and surrounding states. The rescued Labs receive veterinary care and are fostered in the Denver area before they are adopted.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue would welcome your support as a foster family for a Lab awaiting adoption, an adopter or a donor. These are friendly Labs with a classic Lab temperament who may have a significant, but treatable medical condition with a good prognosis, if provided with high quality care. Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is also committed to rescuing Labs abandoned in their golden senior years who are in good age-appropriate condition. We are grateful to our adopters and fosters in the Denver, Colorado area and beyond for loving these grey-muzzled rescues.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue welcomes your support of our efforts to rescue, foster, and care for Labrador Retrievers in need and to adopt these special Labs to loving forever homes where new beginnings await. Read More.LRROF is a foster-based rescue.

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Instead, all of our dogs are in the care of our network of foster families. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can rescue! Make Your Online Shopping Count.

Shop at smile. Shop smile. It costs you nothing! We will be at these events talking to prospective adopters and volunteers, and of course fundraising. Patty's themed meet and greet and Largo PetSmart today! Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who braved the cold weather and made this event a success!


Thank you to World of Beer Brandon for hosting the event and Copppertail [ Adopter Betsy says that Jack is almost 14 years young and going strong. They presented a generous donation to help the labs.

english yellow lab rescue

Our goal is to place our Labradors in appropriate, permanent homes. Prior to an adoption, we consider the history, temperament, personality, and energy level of the rescued Labrador. The placement process includes a written application and a home visit of the potential adopter. Our mission to rescue Labrador Retrievers is made possible by our dedicated volunteers, partners and donors. All of our dogs are housed in foster homes so we do not have a physical shelter location.

Adopt Many lovable, adoptable labs are in foster care right now awaiting permanent homes. Learn More. More About Fostering. Shop Now! This option will not work correctly.

Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames. Your donations allow us to rescue and re-home hundreds of Labrador Retrievers each year. Donations made as a tribute to, a loved one, volunteer, or cherished pet. Donations made to sponsor a specific dog in our care. Donations made for general rescue expenses like medical treatments and medications.

Our organization is comprised of hardworking volunteers and veterinarian partners that are committed to placing Labs in new homes. Lab Rescue started in as a grassroots organization and has applied the talents and techniques of its volunteer base to become one of the most successful dedicated breed-specific rescues in the State of Florida.

english yellow lab rescue

Follow Us on Facebook.Learn more about our approach to placing dogs in homes where little ones are present. Heartworm is treatable, and Lab Rescue provides treatment for all infected dogs at no cost to the adopter.

Female Bonded Pair. Good with:. A loving forever home. Double the sweetness! Don't be fooled by the sugar on their faces. It just shows their sweetness. Hopper is a yummy caramel, and Bean is a tasty licorice jelly bean.

They are best suited to a quiet home, as they have not been exposed to a busy household. And while they get along well with other dogs, they would prefer to have all of the attention to themselves. These very special and sweet girls deserve to be spoiled and loved! A forever home with a physical or underground fence. Beautiful Bella. Bella is a sweet and shy girl until she knows you have a treat to share.

Then she warms up and asks to be petted. She craves attention and is incredibly friendly. She is learning about toys and is great playing with other dogs, but what she really wants is to be in a home with a loving family.

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A loving home with a physical or underground fence and another dog. Chocolate delight! Benelli is a sweet, happy pup who stands tall and prances everywhere he goes! He is curious and loves exploration. His inquisitive nature has also led to him making some new friends - he loves watching the fish in his foster parents' backyard pond! Benelli came to Lab Rescue underweight and very hungry and is ecstatic to be getting three squares plus treats!

Once he gains his proper weight he is going to be a very handsome fellow - look at those bright eyes! Benelli also likes his play time, and loves to retrieve and will bring it back if you don't chase him. Benelli says the chase is more fun than just dropping it by your feet. When he's done exploring and playing, he will curl up for a nap besides you.

He needs a family that will give him lots of love, attention, training, and the exercise he needs and don't forget yummy meals! Benelli is proof of the generosity of dogs.Ribbons needs our urgent help! Her family didn't want her anymore. At 9 years of age, this Labrador angel deserves a chance to be pain free and treasured. Indi Lab Rescue is seeking donations to assist us in correction of her entropion eye.

Ribbons is fostered in Santa Barbara and will be available for adoption to a loving home once she has healed. Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue of Socal.

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Welcome to Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue! We're a c 3 non-profit corporation in the service of the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and other retrieving breeds. Follow us on Facebook! So Many Easy Ways to Give! Shop Amazon Smile, Help Labs!

NOTE: If you use Amazon on your phone, you can leave items in your cart but do your actual check out at Amazon Smile when you are on a desktop. Otherwise we do not get the donation. Everyone shops on Amazon so why not make your purchases count toward helping the Labs? It's easy! Simply click on the link at right to be sure you are shopping through "Amazon Smile". Keep items in your cart and check out from a desktop computer when you log on to Amazon Smile. Your items will be there. We recieve a portion of every purchase!

You can shop under your same Amazon. Who knew shopping was so good for dogs? Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue. EASY instructions: 1. Follow the easy steps to create an online account 3. Confirm your email. Remember to click on the circle to the left of our name.

Adopt Lab Dogs in Washington

Donate a Vehicle! Get a Tax Break, Help Dogs!

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Now you can easily donate your vehicle and help Labrador and Golden Retrievers at the same time! It's easy. Just click to see how! Petal: 4 year old female Lab with severe vaginal prolapse Petal was to be euthanized by her owner when she sustained a serious vaginal prolapse during her heat cycle.

Difficult to view but this sweet angel deserves our help!Help our homeless pets! Get a free pet insurance quote. A team of volunteers are behind the scenes making this happen. LOLIN typically receives requests to help between dogs per week.

Our intake committee consists of an in-state coordinator to handle all the dogs we bring in from Indiana shelters, and an out of state coordinator for the dogs who come from surrounding states.

The first step in the intake process is for the appropriate coordinator to respond back to the shelter and ask for some basic information.

english yellow lab rescue

The dog may have been adopted, or if multiple rescues were contacted the dog may have found rescue elsewhere. How much time does the dog have left? Some dogs are down to their last hours or days and some dogs are safe for a certain number of days or weeks if the shelter knows a rescue is working on finding a foster. Unfortunately, most of the dogs we work with are very short on time. We ask the shelter to let us know if vaccines have been given, if the dog is already altered, and we ask for the results of a heartworm test.

In some cases the dog has immediate medical needs, requires medications or surgery, or has other special needs that need to be addressed. The medical history gives us a place to start when looking for a foster home.

We require a very basic temperament test for every dog we consider for intake at Love of Labs. Some dogs are dominant with other dogs in their temperament test and require a foster home with submissive, easy going dogs. Other dogs get along with every dog and are suitable for just about any foster home. LOLIN does not accept dogs are dog aggressive or extremely dominant with other dogs, as all our foster homes have other dogs in the home so it is very important that our dogs get along with other dogs.

Once all of this information has been gathered by one of the intake coordinators it is presented to the intake committee for approval. The intake committee consists of the intake coordinators and foster coordinators.

There are many factors that determine which dogs we approve for intake. The most important element is the temperament test. A dog with the typical lab characteristics, who has a loving personality, and gets along well with other dogs is more likely to be approved than a very dominant dog who is stand-offish with human handlers. Sometimes we have lots of black dogs, sometimes lots of females, etc. Intake and foster coordinators for LOLIN do their jobs every single day and fill in for one another when one person is unable to keep up so that a dog in need does not miss a chance for rescue.

Approved dogs are now in search of an appropriate foster home! The foster coordinators will use all the information we have gathered to match with an open foster. If a foster is not open the intake coordinators work with the shelters to hold the dog for as long as possible.

Keystone Labrador Retrievers

Once a foster is found transport is arranged and the dog is on its way to a new life! Lolin, Inc. LOLIN will accomplish this goal by spaying and neutering dogs we rescue from shelters and educating the public regarding adoption, heartworm prevention, sterilization for all pets, and responsible ownership.

Love of Labs obtains operational funds through adoption fees, donations, and various fundraisers ONLY. Home Contact Us. Our data is powered by Trackabeast animal rescue management software. Please check out this program is you are a rescue or small shelter. For larger rescues, have a look at iShelters. Tell them we sent you and we get a 3 months free.

How Can You Help? Volunteer Needs Many people think that fostering is the only way you can help a rescue.Who We Are. Save A Lab Rescue is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit c 3 organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever mixes.

Our network of volunteers is located primarily in the southern and northeastern regions of the U. Click here to see our current service area. What We Do. Save A Lab Rescue provides all necessary veterinary care for its rescued Labradors and transports them to approved foster homes, where they are cared for until they are adopted. The organization conducts a thorough screening process of its prospective adopters, and seeks to place its rescued Labradors into approved, permanent adoptive homes.

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How You Can Help. We are always in need of adopters and fosters! Donations are also extremely critical to our operation, as adoption fees only offset a portion of the expenses we incur in vetting and transporting our rescued Labradors. Please email us at info SaveALabRescue. You can literally help to save the life of a lab in need! You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

Save A Lab Rescue. Who We Are Save A Lab Rescue is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit c 3 organization that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever mixes. How You Can Help We are always in need of adopters and fosters!

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